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Mythosphere (Shattered Sky)

“Mythology lulls us, or lures us, into a sense of complicity with its own fiction” (Cahill, 2018). It is a reminiscence of a previously known metaphysical reality.
In my work entitled Anamnesis: Shattered Sky this metaphysical memory, referring to the language of archetypes, is formed by the main component of the installation – shattered pieces of sky. 97 movable pieces of sky placed on a construction referring by association to the crown in the Statue of Liberty with the possibility of interaction on the part of the viewer, becomes a metaphorical attempt to redefine the contemporary understanding of the myth of freedom and a reflection on the concept of memory. The illumination and gradual disappearance of the pieces is not only a visual game subjected to the lighting effects, but it can also be a rediscovery of the archetypal world that might evoke a mythical longing. It is also a visual and philosophical reflection on forgetting. Referring to the concept of memory as an individual as well as collective (archetypal) experience, I decided to return to childhood nostalgia and, using artistic means, create a situation where an adult viewer will be able to succumb to this naïve, but in a way unusual illusion of touching and moving a piece of the sky.

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