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Greed series

The Greed series explores the visual codes that represent power—a dynamic force finding expression in the visual language, impacting both art and artists.

I believe that an artwork can function as a mirror reflecting power relationships. The series features plates coated using famous Ives Klein Blue, symbolizing the metaphysical, adorned with everyday objects coated in gold, a powerful symbol of greed. The inspiration for these choices is drawn from the timeless concept of the “Midas touch,” the touch transforming every object into gold. 

The use of gold-coated everyday objects serves to elevate their status, offering a cynical reflection on the significance society attaches to material possessions. This addition introduces another layer of commentary, encouraging viewers to contemplate the symbolic and societal implications of excess.

Additionally, considering that we typically eat from a plate, the presence of inedible objects on these plates becomes a symbolic representation of metaphorical hunger and greed, prompting viewers to reflect on the insatiable appetites that go beyond the realm of basic sustenance, encouraging a deeper reflection on the ever-growing desire for more.


glass, acrylic, gold leaf, 2022. 

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