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The End of Summer

The series entitled “The End of Summer” were created during the outbreak of Covid-19. Dealing with a life-threatening virus evoked in me a very strong fear of mortality. My sense of safety was distorted, and lack of social interactions caused a sort of longing for normality. 

“The End of Summer” is a photographic project depicting those feelings. The flow of time, and the ways in which time affects people and still life was a visual inspiration for those series. The feeling of a subtle and magical period of the “End of Summer” builds a visual narrative contrasted by light and shadow. Creating a relationship between people depicted in portraits and still life compositions helps me to create analogous affinity between those two seemingly different worlds.

Transgression is not a movement towards something, but rather from something which is the core and the center. The transgressive character of the End of Summer period serves as a metaphor for the passage of time, reflecting on the famous “Vanitas” theme. While using the photography medium I’m trying to metaphorically move away from the inevitable, and freeze the subtle moments that can be experienced only during the summer. The gradual disappearance of sunlight expresses the transformative character of this period.

The exhibition of works forms a narrative based on expressing the inner emotions and tensions of both the models and the photographer. No human has the power to annul the passage of time and at the end of the day, everything will end, as every summer does…

Interdisciplinary multimedia project. Medium format photography (Rolleiflex+ILFORD HP5) and wideo mapping (LIGHT-FORM equipment). Visual concept: subtle, magical, feeling of the “End of Time”,
transformative (digital light movement), transgression.

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