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The leading theme in my artistic research is my multicultural experiences, which have enabled me to look at many phenomena taking place in contemporary culture from a distance. Most of my work was an attempt to combine a classical narrative with an emotional and intimate record of observed situations. Questions about identity - both in the national and cultural dimensions, as well as an attempt to define individual identity - are often the main themes of my works. In recent years of artistic research, I have been particularly interested in the ways of how archetypes can appear in art, regarding it as a phenomenon that stands above all divisions and has the potential to extract universal aspects from what is individual. I look at the archetype in the context of a message understood (perceived) at every latitude, at the subconscious level. The desire to create an artistic and at the same time intellectual message that can be received by viewers from diverse social and geographical groups is one of the most important ways that could allow me to establish a connection between me (the artist) and the audience (viewers), and thus have potentially an impact of how artist and their works are perceived by people without art educational background.
 The sources of inspiration for my works are often forms and situations of symbolic and timeless significance, which I can interpret through the prism of my own life and artistic experience, process, reinterpret, and change the context and scale, thus creating my objects or photographic works. I am not attached to a single medium and I am eager to change the tools I use in my works, with the ultimate goal of adjusting the technique to the content of the message being conveyed. I assume that creative activity should focus on symbolic reflection, but at the same time, it is very important for me to keep a “pure” look, and curiosity of a child. An interdisciplinary approach and being able to use many mediums in my artistic research became a part of my statement as an artist. I think that we live in times that require interdisciplinarity not only in daily life but also in artistic research. I’m interested in how different media can merge, differentiate, and correspond.
My latest research is focused on examining the contemporary relevance of diverse cultural narratives through the utilization of technology-empowered storytelling tools. 

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