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Socially Distanced (Brick  City Gallery, U.S.A)

The term “social distance” has a long history. In the nineteenth century, "social distance" was a euphemism used by the British to talk about class and by Americans to talk about race. In today’s time, it most commonly refers to the six feet distance that must be maintained to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The aim of this exhibition is to refer, criticize, interpret, or reinterpret the "Socially Distanced" theme. Artworks explore such problems as a distorted sense of safety, mental health, the growing impact of social media, and lack of direct social interactions, zoom fatigue, emotional and physical barriers, social distance as a historical term, interpersonal relations in the time of the pandemic, or personal understanding of the main theme.


Guests of honor:

Peter Bankov

Eduardo Barrera Arambarri

Götz Gramlich

Yossi Lemel

Curated by

Nadia Issa & Shauna LeAnn Smith

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